Breastfeeding Interventions

Give your baby a healthy start in life with benefits only a mother’s milk can provide.

Breastfeeding Interventions in The Woodlands, TX

First and foremost, our lactation services ensure that your baby is latching correctly and transferring milk adequately to support their caloric needs. Mother’s comfort is vitally important to extend the nursing experience between mother and baby. Breastfeeding should not be painful or stressful! Our lactation services will assist in making nursing more satisfying and more convenient for you and your baby.

Are You Experiencing These Lactation Problems?

As natural as breastfeeding is, many new mothers have little to no exposure prior to their baby’s birth, so it really is a learned skill. Babies instinctively want to breastfeed, however, like you, they don’t have the experience.

Experience bow provided by an SLP-COM/IBCLC our lactation services provide skilled breastfeeding education and support for mothers and babies.

Our lactation specialists can help turn stressful feedings into wonderful bonding experiences!

At Carlin Speech, our lactation services cover issues such as:
  • Positional comfort
  • Low milk supply
  • Latching trouble
  • Baby seems resistant to breastfeeding
  • Baby eating but not gaining enough weight
  • Painful or engorged breasts
  • Managing breastfeeding with a busy or inconsistent schedule
Oral Motor Intervention Programs to Improve Strength and Function

Breastfeeding: Growing Healthy Lifestyles Begins Early

How it Works...

  1. Your initial consultation will last 1-2 hours and will be scheduled to match up with one of your baby’s normal feeding times. We do an observation and assessment of the nursing session, with baby weigh-ins immediately before and after. Oral strength and range of motion of the oral structures are evaluated using an oral reflex protocol and a Q&A for the baby’s full history. Evaluations and programs are available in English and Spanish.
  2. After observing your nursing session, we’ll explain why you’re having problems and work together on techniques to mitigate those problems. Each lactation program varies depending on the issues being addressed, the mother’s biology, the baby’s health and even the family’s schedule. Our goal is a happy, healthy mother-infant dyad as we help you reach your goal to provide the best nutrition for your child through breastfeeding.