Infant Feeding...

Ensure optimal nutrition by developing healthy habits that will last a lifetime.

Infant Feeding Program in The Woodlands, Texas

Our infant feeding program is designed to overcome feeding and swallowing difficulties so every child gets his or her full nutritional needs met. Our program improves infants’ oral motor skills and trains parents and caregivers in feeding techniques specific to each child.

Signs of Infant Feeding Problems

  • Lengthy mealtimes
  • Constant hunger despite regular feedings
  • Limited food intake
  • Refusing to swallow food
  • Difficulty swallowing food (dysphagia)
  • Food selectivity
  • Poor oral motor skills
  • Delayed feeding development
  • Recurring mealtime tantrums

Does your child display one or more of these issues? Feeding difficulties should be addressed promptly to eliminate concerns about nutrition, proper growth and development, unsafe swallowing and aspiration pneumonia.

At Carlin Speech, our therapists will work with you and your child to develop a personalized feeding management plan. Our goal is happy, healthy babies!

Individualized Programs

Our therapists begin the program by identifying the underlying reasons your child is having a hard time eating. Based on that, we’ll develop a manageable treatment program that addresses both the nutritional and mechanical components of your child’s issue. Our treatment programs are designed using a multidisciplinary team approach which includes the child, parent or guardian, and assigned therapists from Carlin Speech. Programs are available in English and Spanish.

It’s time for you and your baby to start getting the most out of mealtime! Schedule an appointment today to learn more about infant feeding problems and the techniques our therapists use for successful results.