Food Aversion Therapy

Put a stop to your child’s picky eating habits with therapy proven to show successful results.

Food Aversion Therapy in The Woodlands, Texas

Aversion is the avoidance of a particular item or situation because it is associated with an unpleasant stimulus. Food aversion is one of the most common feeding disorders for infants and young children. An early evaluation is critical in diagnosing any underlying issues that could develop into further feeding and speech difficulties.

Signs Your Child May Need Help

The earlier you can identify a feeding problem due to muscle weaknesses, the easier the therapy intervention program will be for the child. Possible signs to watch for which may indicate potential oral motor weaknesses that could effect feeding and speech development include:

Individualized Programs

Once our therapists identify the root cause for your child’s picky eating, we’ll put in place an effective treatment program to overcome current aversions while helping deter future ones as well. Our treatment programs are designed using a multidisciplinary team approach which includes the child, parent or guardian, and assigned therapists from Carlin Speech.

Before beginning any behavioral treatment interventions, all underlying medical conditions discovered during the initial evaluation will be addressed which may require additional oral motor therapy. Nutritional supplements and information may also be recommended to treat any deficits to ensure adequate growth and development.

Once the child is ready for their specific program, pre-chaining and food chaining is introduced as a way to expose the child to minute amounts of food on a daily basis. Pre-chaining is used to keep the child on track with their developmental feeding skills and processes will vary based on current feeding aversions and possible severe food selectivity. Your therapist will determine which tastes, textures, and temperatures are most acceptable to the child based on an analysis of current feeding habits.