Speech Therapy

Take the first step towards improved communication by scheduling an evaluation for your child today.

Speech Therapy in The Woodlands, Texas

At Carlin Speech, our team of dedicated speech and language pathologists understand how concerning developmental delays can be for parents.

When you begin to suspect your child or toddler may have difficulty understanding language or communicating with speech, a comprehensive evaluation is the recommended first step towards identifying any underlying issues.

  • Difficulty with articulation and sound production
  • Struggles with various sound distinctions
  • Voice quality, volume, and pitch abnormalities
  • Difficulty understanding or processing language
  • Inability to combine words to create sentences
  • Speech muscle impairments due to neurological conditions
  • Oral motor dysfunction due to weakness or coordination difficulties of oral muscles

  • Apraxia, resulting in rearranged sounds within words

  • Stammering, stuttering, or rapid and slurred speech
  • More capable of expressing thoughts, ideas and feelings
  • Improved swallowing function
  • Better performance in school
  • Increased vocal quality
  • Fluent speech
  • Social skills development
  • Greater quality of life
  • Enhanced self-esteem
  • Independence

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Individualized Programs

Our goal for every child is to help them overcome their own unique daily challenges while ultimately improving overall communication. Each child participating in our speech and language therapy sessions has their own specific needs and learning capabilities.

Each introduction begins with an evaluation process aimed at correctly identifying the root cause while further educating parents and family.

Complete Medical History

Our therapists begin by collecting a complete medical history while interacting with the child and family to observe for any social communication disorders that may initially stand out.

Standardized Testing

Standardized testing for speech and language as well as auditory processing is offered to identify communication breakdown to better customize the needs of your child in therapy such as attention disorders.

Oral Motor Evaluation

A detailed oral motor evaluation and functional feeding assessment is used to help identify oral strength and function, as well as muscle weakness and coordination difficulties associated with speech and feeding disorders.

Once the evaluation is complete, we review all findings with the parents and introduce a skilled therapist that will go over an individualized plan for the child. Therapy is encouraged 1-2 times per week with as much parent involvement as possible to maintain progress at home.

Some children may also be referred to our unique social language groups program to integrate their social communication skills among peers.

Our language nursery program and social language groups are offered during summer language camps and at certain times throughout the year.

Bilingual therapists are also available upon request if needed.